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      Gravel is a traditional path material found in formal gardens throughout Europe and Asia, and takes little skill to install.

Decorative white pebbles

Decorative white pebbles used in garden decoration, wall waterfall decoration, water walls or clad in positions of rock pools, etc. In addition, white gravel is also used a lot for spreading on the surface of table pots. , potted interior plants, helping to cover the less charming soil.

Product name: Decorative white pebbles, white pebbles
Diameter: various sizes
Weight: 16kg/bag

Decorative white gravel even seeds cover the less charming soil
Gravel is a decorative material that has long been indispensable for the garden, especially the Japanese garden. It is possible to cobble a small white yard with a few White pebbles create a clean and elegant feeling, often accompanied by white interior plant pots, to be uniform in color,cluster of trees, or an area of ​​black and white gravel and a rock as an accent.

Some small miniatures, mini miniatures - mini garden also use  white pebbles decoration  to create paths, embankments or lakes, which look extremely lovely.

If your home space is a bit large, you want to use a corner of the garden to use as a miniature, then you must definitely use  white gravel as a miniature,  white gravel will be spread around the bonsai stumps or around the potted plants. placed on the lake. Or the base of the garden is wider, you make the paths from the garden to the cottage with a layer of white gravel of different sizes
White pebbles decorated on the way to the garden,In the miniature garden there are green grasses interwoven with decorative pebbles, giving you a feeling of green and white mixed together like ripples undulating on the sea surface blue

Use gravel to decorate the garden


When the plants and trees grow together with the decorative white gravel layer, create an easy path for you. Because if you want to visit the trees on rainy days because the  white gravel   is lined on top of the wet soil, the gravel layer covers your feet, your feet won't get wet. Not only white gravel is a convenient travel platform, but also foot massage, helping blood circulation better. In modern life, we rarely go anywhere barefoot, always have shoes and sandals to go. This leads to poor blood circulation.

Natural rotating white gravel.

Product information:
Product name: Natural rotating white gravel.
Packing: Packing = 15 kg and depending on customer requirements
Size: 7mm-9mm-10mm-12mm-15mm-20mm-25mm-30mm-35mm-40mm
Specification: Natural rotating gravel, heterogeneous.
Color: natural white.
 Origin: Nghe An province- Viet Nam
In addition to natural rotating white gravel, our company also provides natural pebbles such as natural black gravel, natural yellow gravel, rotating gravel of all kinds... and all kinds of natural stone, decorative wall stone, yard stone. garden, ceramic tiles for interior and exterior decoration... If you have any needs, please contact:
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